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Bring your art and pictures to life with the optional and flexible Picture Lighting Wands that are a unique feature of the Gallery Picture Hanging System.

Another great feature of the Gallery Picture Hanging System is ease of lighting your artwork with the optional, clip-on,  Lighting Wands.

The unique, low voltage Picture Lighting Wands simply attach anywhere along your picture hanging track ensuring¬†every single picture is perfectly highlighted …. Your pictures will come alive and always look totally sensational!

Yes, with an easy to install cable that discretely hides out of sight (in a specially designed cavity on top of the picture hanging track), the Picture Lighting Wands simply clip anywhere along your gallery picture hanging track and are easily positioned and/or re-positioned at any time.

The picture lighting system is really a very clever and smart addition to your hanging system and a very easy to install alternative to traditional and expensive picture lighting methods.

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