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Q & A – Gallery System


Q: What are my options for the aluminium track?

A: The original Gallery System track comes in 2 & 3m lengths and the Slimline track comes in 2m lengths.  Both systems are available in powder coated white or anodised silver (satin) finishes.

Q: What if I want to paint the track?

A: Use the satin anodised silver finish; it’s receptive to most types of paint.  Aerosol paint gives a much better finish than using a brush.

Q: Is the track pre-drilled?

A: No.  The original Gallery System track hole spacing depends on the type of wall construction.  The Slimline track is fitted to the wall using nylon ‘Wall Anchors’ and does not need to be drilled.  See track installation directions on the website for more details.

Q: Are the systems easy to install?

A: Yes.  Installation is a basic handyman job.  There are detailed directions on our website.

Q: Can you hang more than one picture on each hanger?

A: Yes.  Any number of pictures can be hung on one hanger as long as the weight does not exceed the maximum weight recommendations.  See the website directions for maximum weights of hangers and hooks.

Q: Are samples available?

A: We offer sample boards which are a mini working systems and demonstrate both the Gallery and Slimline Systems.

Q: Can I cut the Stainless Steel Cable if the hangers are too long?

A: NO, DO NOT CUT THE STAINLESS STEEL CABLE.  The cable comes in 2m lengths as standard (longer and shorter lengths are available in packs of 10).  Each cable is cut and the end is heat sealed so it won’t fray.  If you cut the cable it will fray and you won’t be able to thread on the adjustable hook.  To solve the problem of long cables, coil any excess into a small circle and tuck the end through the coil two or three times.  Hook this loop of cable over the adjustable hook behind the lowest picture on your cable hanger.

Q: What is the advantage of the Gallery Systems unique Picture Rail Hook design?

A: The unique design of our picture rail hook positions the stainless steel cable closer to the wall so your picture will sit at the correct angle and won’t lean too far forward.  This is often a problem with old fashioned picture rail hooks.

Q: What metals do the traditional picture rail hooks come in?

A: The traditional Picture Rail hooks come in either solid brass or solid stainless steel.  They are lacquer finished to prevent tarnishing.  The traditional picture rail hooks are sold in packs of 5.  Each pack comes with 5 x picture rail hooks and 5 x 2m cables.



Q & A – Gallery Lighting System

Q: Can the Gallery Lighting System be fitted to existing Gallery Systems installations?

A: Yes it can, though only to ‘The Gallery System’ track.  The Slimline track is not designed to be used with the lighting system.

Q: How many lights will run off one transformer?

A: A 300VA transformer will run up to 12 x 20 watt dichroic lamps over a distance of 15m.  Alternatively a 300va transformer will run up to 18 x 7 watt LED lamps over a distance of 20m.  We also offer a 105 watt transformer which will run up to 4 lights over a distance of 3m.

Q: Can I use higher wattage lamps?

A: No.  They may damage the system.

Q: Do I need an electrical contractor to install the system?

A: You are not legally obliged to use a licensed contractor with low voltage systems.  Simple jobs can be installed by a handyman.  Each transformer comes with a 240volt plug and lead which allows you to use and existing power point.  If however you would like your system hardwired it must be installed by a licensed contractor.  If in doubt use a contractor.

Q: How does the current reach the lamp?

A: Sharp probes on the light wand penetrate the cable in the track to make contact.  This allows you to unclip the light wand and reposition on the track.

Q: How do I carry the power around corners?

A: The power cable bends around the corners.  Special corner covers fit over the track to hide the blue power cable.

Q: Are the lamps adjustable on the light wands?

A: The lamp slides along the curved stainless steel rods of the light wand so you can aim the light anywhere from 60cm below the track.  The lamps do not point side to side. This is not necessary as the light wand is easily unlocked from the track and can be repositioned to light art in another position.

Q: Is the Gallery Lighting System the only lighting needed in a hanging area?

A: No.  The system is designed as feature lighting for your art so you will still need a central light fitting or similar to provide an overall level of lighting in the room.

Q: Can the lights damage the artwork?

A: No.  Providing the correct lamps are used.  Poor quality or incorrect lamps can cause problems of excess heat and ultra violet light which may fade colours.  We recommend and sell Precise Constant Colour lamps by G.E.  These lamps are used in major public galleries and G.E. guarantee that the light from these lamps will not damage your artwork.  We also offer LED lamps which are also ideal for lighting art as they will not cause damage.

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