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Ease of installation is critical. The unique “V Groove” design of the Gallery System Picture Hanging Rails means that any handy person can Install the Picture Hanging System in minutes

With its clever design, positioning your hanging rails is super easy as the rails adapts to fix to many wall construction types whether they be plaster, rendered or a Gyprock style of plaster board.  Installation of your Gallery Picture Hanging System will be quick and easy. That is also why the Gallery System is perfect for homes, shops and offices and many other applications where you want pictures and art to be perfectly displayed.

One of the key benefits when you install the Gallery Picture Hanging System will be that you don’t end up with annoying and unsightly damage or holes in your walls.

You, therefore, are going to be able to safely hang your pictures. change your art display around quickly and as often as you wish and have the perfect display every time.



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