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Bring your pictures to life with The Gallery Lighting System

Choosing the correct lighting is crucial to any art and photographic display.

By utilising the same track that hangs art, The Gallery Lighting System offers features and benefits not seen with traditional lighting methods. Now anyone can achieve a professional display using The Gallery Lighting System.

• FLEXIBLE – Position the lights anywhere along The Gallery System track where the lighting system is installed. When the art is moved, simply move the lights to suit.

• ECONOMICAL – Not only is the system affordable, low wattage LED lamps are used to keep running costs low.

• EASY TO INSTALL – Being a 12-volt system, it is designed for DIY installation. However, if modifications and accessories such as dimmers are to be installed on the 240-volt side of the transformer or the transformer is to be hardwired, it is imperative that this work be carried out by a licensed electrician.

• UNOBTRUSIVE – The Gallery Lighting System is designed so that your art is the centre piece of the display not the light wands. Additionally, the LED lamps recommended for use with The Gallery Lighting System have no light throwback to distract from viewing the art.

• SAFE – The low heat emission from the LED lamps will never damage artwork.

• PROFESSIONAL – The Gallery Lighting System delivers a professional look and feel to

any display.

• MADE IN AUSTRALIA – The light wands are manufactured in Gallery Systems’ Sunshine Coast factory, in Queensland, Australia.

• Lifetime warranty on The Gallery System track.

• 2 year warranty on light wands and manufacturers warranty on all other lighting components (transformers, lamps etc.). Talk to your local distributor for more details.

YES! When displaying art, it is extremely important to incorporate the correct lighting!

Our track lighting systems for art offer an entirely new way to light art for picture hanging. Low voltage light wands lock onto the same track that hangs your art. Like the hanging systems they can be easily moved to any position on the track. Just lock them on and they light up your picture.

Because our system places the lamps close to the art, lighting is much more effective. Our lighting system only uses either 20 watt diachroic lamps or 10 watt LED lamps for an even bigger energy savings.

All of the Gallery Systems products are designed and assembled in Australia. We offer quality, time saving and affordable solutions for picture hanging and lighting your art.

Bring your artwork to life!

When it comes to displaying your artwork choosing the right lighting solution is crucial. At The Gallery System, we offer quality art lighting solutions that help you showcase your favourite pieces. Even in the most well lit rooms, the finer details in a piece can become lost. With art lighting that is specifically designed, every piece of work gets the attention it deserves. Because our lighting places the light directly on your artwork, it really brings it to life.

How it works:

Low voltage light wands lock onto the same track that hangs your art. A flat power cable fitted into the top section of the track carries 12 volt current along the track from a transformer. (Available as an add-on option with Standard Track only).

The light wands simply lock onto the track at any point and light up so it’s really easy to move the light wands when you move your paintings or images.

Need help planning your lighting system? Just talk to our friendly team on 02 80061793 or drop us a message HERE