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Complete you picture hanging system by bringing your  pictures and art to life with the Gallery Hanging System Lighting Kit.

The gallery track lighting system


When displaying art it is extremely important to incorporate the correct lighting and with the new art lighting wands this can now be achieved much easier.

Our picture hanging tracks offer an entirely new way to light art and hang pictures.

Low voltage light wands lock onto the same track that hangs your art.

The Light Wands can be easily moved to any position on the track. Just lock them on and they light up your picture.

Because our system places the lamps close to the art, lighting is much more effective. Our lighting system only uses either 20 watt diachroic lamps or 10 watt LED lamps for an even bigger energy savings.

Just another quality, time saving and affordable reason to choose the Gallery Hanging System when picture hanging and lighting your art.

The Lighting Kit is a great way to start adding Light to your display.

A popular choice is the Light Kit and 5 Light Wands..

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