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Watch this video for Installation overview of the Slimline System


A picture hanging system that is unobtrusive for home, apartment or office use

This is because this picture hanging system is based on a very slim track which is designed to butt up against your ceiling or cornice where it is less noticeable.

The Slimline System is designed for use in homes, offices, galleries or wherever there is a need to hang lighter artwork, though it can still manage to hang pictures weighing up to 15kg.

The SLIMLINE PICTURE HANGING SYSTEM is made up of four main components:

  1. slimlinehanger  Track – Sold as 2m lengths in powder coated white or anodised silver.
  2.   Wall Anchors – (these are used to fix the track to the wall).  Each length of track comes with one pack of wall anchors.
  3.   Hangers – Fit into the track with a choice of Slimline Clear Tape or Slimline Stainless Cable hangers.
  4.   Hooks – Thread onto the hangers with a choice of Slimline Mini Hooks or Slimline Push-Button Hooks.

By using the Slimline Picture Hanging System system it is easy to make changes.  Just add or remove hangers or hooks to achieve the layout you want.

Install your Slimline Picture Hanging System by simply ordering from the components below:

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Gallery Systems designs and manufactures our art track hanging systems in Australia.