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Always ensure you use professional hardware and a proven Picture Hanging System.

Using nails, screws and stick on hooks is not only hard work but will often leave walls damaged. Old fashioned methods of hanging pictures also make it very awkward should you decide to reposition your artworks.

Picture hanging systems make a lot of sense and hanging pictures in the correct place a breeze as easy adjustments and fine tuning can be made at any time.

You can also hang several pictures together on the system to achieve a popular grouping effect.

The load and number of pictures that can be placed on the Picture Hanging System is determined by the number of hanging rail fixings that you create at the time of installation and, of course, the material of the wall itself. Correct application and screws should be used dependent upon whether you are fixing the rails to plasterboard, timber studs, or plaster.

Consult your local hardware store for proper advise if you are unsure.

When hung correctly, you will be able to sit back and enjoy your artwork display for many years to come!

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